Hi, I’m Your Ball

by Your Golf Ball

Hi, I’m your golf ball and I play by feel. You see I have no other choice–I’m blind, deaf, can’t smell and am completely brain-dead.  My only sense is feel, feel of the ground, the air, and your golf club.  I’m not metallic and don’t respond to magnetic force, and I don’t know where the ocean is.  My world is limited only to what touches me and nothing else.  I have no awareness of anything else at all.

When a club hits me I react with equal and opposite force.  When I spin through the air pressure inequalities on my sides make me curve.  And when you tilt me sideways on the ground, I turn.  You see I’m a ball, and I’m constantly seeking balance because my shape makes me unstable, reactive, and sensitive to touch.

That fact makes me hard to control but predictable, much more so than you.  I am after all an inanimate object, I have no brain, no emotions, no thoughts, no faulty logic or inner desires. I simply respond to touch.  You try to make me into something I’m not, believing that I’m somehow aware of the Salton Sea, or downtown Vegas, or Rae’s Creek.  But sadly I’m not.  I live in a dark world, dutifully moving away from pressure and with gravity.  Understand me for what I am and we’ll get along better.

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