Six of one or half a dozen of the other ?

Six of One, or Half  Dozen of the Other?
by Jamie Donaldson, Senior AimPoint Instructor

The introduction of the AimPoint Express read has certainly got the interest of the golfing world, whether a seasoned tour player or a casual golfer (of any age) having the ability to accurately predict break from any distance and any shape in seconds is incredible…. All this without a chart or needing any mapping of any sorts, in fact all you need is a side feel value and some fingers! So the big question being asked is “does this make the AimChart obsolete?”

The answer is no! The AimChart will always be a tool for those who like a higher degree of accuracy and understanding (as taught in a MidPoint session).

 So this is how we see the combination of the two reads working for all golfers – In a one hour Express session you will learn to read putts of single break less than 20 feet in lengthThe two hour Express class covers everything you will ever find on a green, every shape, every length, all stimps and the customer can put this into play immediately with no chart. The best part is no skill level is needed at all, just feel and fingers.

From here advanced and more curious players will want the next level and will graduate to the MidPoint (chart use classes).  Here students learn the physics of break and can use a chart to predict break with awesome accuracy. It certainly suits a mindset that want’s perfection or more accuracy and are prepared to practice key skills needed for MidPoint reads.  Once this has been understood and adopted you can move on to learn advanced MidPoint use, which deals with every read possible with an extremely accurate methodology.

Players using the MidPoint read for ultimate accuracy can now adopt the Express read if they are looking for a quicker read or as a double check on their read.

The main thing is once you have moved away from guessing a break amount you never have to go back to that dark place of guess, hit and miss….  It’s all about options, choice, learning style and preference…

The world needs AimPoint in all it’s forms and the Express read adds amazing value to what is already a fantastic product…

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