Welcome to the Revolution

Welcome to the AimPoint Revolution.  It’s not a revolution in terms of equipment, or rules, or brute physical ability, it’s the common man’s revolution in thinking.  At AimPoint Golf we believe that everyone has the ability to be a great putter, and not because you have some remarkable inborn talent or because you have amassed 30 years of trial and error on the putting green.  It’s because the invisible and immutable laws that govern how a ball rolls across a sloped surface are finally known to us and are within our ability to employ.

The beauty, and challenge, of golf is that you have to hit a ball through and across a medium that changes its direction.  Aerodynamics cause a spinning golf ball to curve through the air, and sloped putting greens cause a rolling ball to curve on its way to the hole. One of our challenges in putting is to predict this curvature before we hit the putt, a skill that has been historically thought of as an unnamable and unteachable inborn ability, like a Sixth Sense or ESP (Extrasensory Perception).

Up until the last few years, if you asked a golf pro how to reads greens you would get answers like “Just visualize the line”, “See where water flows”, or best yet “Keep doing it and you’ll get better”.  Well I can visualize a line no problem, it’s just not the correct line.  Water flow is good advice but doesn’t answer the question, How much does it break? And as a golfer, I did keep doing it but I never improved.  Why is it that the entire game of golf is measured and strategized from tee to green, but when reading a putt the otherwise calculated tour professional morphs into a psychic, relying on subconscious impulses and pure gut feel to pick a target?

The answer is because they have never had another option.  How did golfers estimate yardage before lasers, GPS, yardage books, and marked sprinkler heads?  They did it by “Feel”, sound familiar?  The yardage revolution  began in the 1950’s, and today even the most “Feel” players on tour want exact yardages to every pin.  Who cares if you’re a couple of yards off?  Johnny Miller says “Two yards is the difference between a six foot putt and a 12 foot putt, and it’s nice to know for sure.” Yet on the putting green he will make statements about balls breaking uphill, the pull of downtown Phoenix, and mountain effects.  No wonder the common golfer doesn’t understand green reading, all he hears on TV is mythical, magical mumbo jumbo coming from the mouths of experts.

Our vision is to change that, permanently.  The simple, reliable, comforting fact about green reading is that break is easily predicted.  Not because we have been mysteriously touched by the finger of the golfing gods, but because gravity is a constant force and its effect on a rolling ball is the same everywhere in the world, on every golf course.  The confidence that comes with understanding and accepting this truth will transform your putting from frustration and helplessness, into confidence and power.

And it doesn’t stop there.  After you understand the foundation for putting–green reading–then you can understand your aim and speed tendencies and correct them.  You’ll begin to see the relationship between read, aim, motion, and speed and begin the real path to become a great putter instead of a searcher.  Searching for another putter, searching for a grip, a ball position, a thought, all in a desperate attempt to make something better, without any real understanding of Why.  Stop searching, come join the revolution.

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